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Palm Coast Mobile Massage (Housecalls)


With 45 years of combined experience, Annie & Trent incorporate a variety of modalities into each session, depending on their clients' needs. These are some of their most used techniques:

ASHIATSU (barefoot massage)

If you like medium to firm pressure, you will LOVE this massage. The foot is the perfect massage tool. The padding, contours and shape of the foot provide a very soothing and luxurious touch that can be either broad or detailed.   With over 17 years of experience using her feet in massage (and in dance and yoga), Annie has more sensitivity with her feet than with her hands, since she can sense adhesions through many layers of tissue. Also, when deep pressure is applied with the feet, it does not hurt the way elbow pressure can.

Focused and detailed techniques that are applied to deeper layers of tissue and 'knots'.  Deep tissue massage is very therapeutic and is combined with light to medium pressured strokes. This massage is not meant to be painful, but to only sometimes "hurt so good".  It is very effective for relieving pain and injuries.

Gentle and subtle touch holding trigger points around the head, face and spine that induce very deep relaxation into "the zone". It activates the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system, activating the body's own healing mechanism. It allows the mind to slow down and 'reboot',  relieving both mental and physical stress. It often feels like a deep, refreshing sleep.

Traditional massage that is light to medium in pressure. Benefits include increased circulation and relaxation of the body.


All the above modalities can be applied to pregnant women. A body cushion with contours cut out for the belly and breasts provide exceptional comfort so that the expecting mother can lay face down with no pressure to her belly. Alternatively, pillows can be used so that she can lay on her side.